About me

Hi, I’m Sophie!

I’m a girl from Denmark, in love with nature, yoga, art, photography, running, travelling and veganism, and with this blog I wish to share my passion for a balanced vegan lifestyle with you! This blog will reflect my love for making delicious vegan food, but it will also be a place for me to share little parts of my everyday life 🙂


Why vegan?

I believe in a compassionate and gentle approach to life, and this includes many things – first of all this is why I’m vegan, because no animals needs to die in order for me to live. Before I came to this lifestyle I battled an eating disorder for about 2 years, and going vegan ultimately changed everything for me. Of course my recovery didn’t magically happen over night, but when I made the transition I just knew I was on the right path. My whole view on food as ‘the enemy’ and something that I needed to deprive myself of, started to change and I began to realize that the food we eat are meant to be abundant, nourishing and never be associated with guilt. The earth was created perfectly, and Mother Nature has provided us with beautiful, nourishing food so we can feel alive, and be kind to our planet at the same time. Going vegan has made me feel so much more at peace with myself and the world around me.

Basically I’m a sensitive soul, and I probably think about everything more than I should. But that’s okay. The reason behind this blog is simply that I feel a need to share. Share my thoughts, my experiences, the food I eat and just little parts of my life.  I’m not exactly sure  where that will lead me just yet, all I know is that it feels good to challenge myself and open up to the world a little 😉


Much love

– Sophie

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